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Members Edit

Peter Milestone, Karla Milestone, (Edith Milestone), Angela Milestone

Family Info Edit

Peter and Karla met at High School, and were deeply in love with each other for four years after that. Unfortunately, Karla and Peter went to different Universities, in different parts of the UK. They only managed to get together again was when Karla's University closed down, and she persuaded her strict parents to let her go to Peter's UNI. But just as bad luck struck, Peter had made a new friend, who was called Coralie Burns. Coralie wasn't keen on Karla, and Peter was too willing to let her back in. Good luck quickly stepped in, and Coralie got angry with Peter and deserted him. Karla and Peter finished UNI, both with Psychology Degrees, and married. But good luck wasn't with them for long. Karla became pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful girl called Edith. When Edith was one year old, she suddenly died of a heart attack. Karla mourned for the loss for three years, before agreeing with Peter to try for another baby. They gave birth to another girl called Angela, who Karla and Peter thought wasn't quite as beautiful as her sister. Still, the two determined parents had her tested for heart problems soon after Angela's one-month birthday, but there was nothing wrong with their baby. Much to Peter's dismay, Karla wouldn't relax - she didn't want anything to happen to Angela.

What other tragedies will sprout for this unlucky family?

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