Welcome to the FFW community!

Fictional Families Wiki is a fun and creative wiki that anyone can edit! Post an article about imaginative families and let other people and you edit and control their lives!


  • The default families I have created are for anyone to edit, or if you you have a wiki account you can create your own families.
  • There is no limit to imagination!
  • On each default family page there is a sentence saying something like "What happens next in the ......... family?" or "How will this family fare in the world?" . If you edit this family's story, you can delete that sentence and replace it with what you want to say.
  • Because different people will edit the families, feel free to put a name or symbol next to the things you edit, to show the world it was you who contributed to their lives. This is optional.

About this WikiEdit

I hope any visitors will take a few minutes of their time to take a look at the various pages that dominate FFW (Fictional Families Wiki). As mentioned everywhere on the website, ANYONE can edit and do whatever they feel like - as long as they don't say 'and this family died tragically, leaving no survivors'. Other than that there is no limit!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Latest activityEdit

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