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Family Members Edit

Christopher Digger, Fern Digger, Corinne Digger, Cameron Digger, Simon Digger, Duncan Digger

Family Info Edit

Christopher (commonly known as Chris) Digger gained a degree in Literature at University. That was were he met his future bride, Fern Mallsbury. Chris's lifelong dream was to be a full time author, until Fern told him it wasn't possible, as he was a terrible writer. Being very melodramatic, he divorced Fern and became a lonely man once more. Until weeks later! So, Chris never got his writing career, but he did meet a woman called Corinne Smith at his low-paying office job. They married happily and had three boys, called Cameron, Simon and Duncan. Cameron is eighteen and in his final year at High School. Simon is fifteen and in Year 10. Duncan is twelve and in Year 8. Cameron is the cleverest out of his brothers, and wants to study at Oxford University in a year's time, but his dad says 'Don't aim high - it doesn't help', whereas his mother says 'Aim high, and you will do good'. Unlike his brother, Simon struggles at school, and hopes not to go to University at all. Duncan doesn't care, being the baby of the family. Corinne wants all her sons to be geniuses, but Chris doesn't care about his sons' education - just the money they will earn in the future, so they can give him and Corinne some when they retire. Well, when he retires, as Corinne is lucky enough to not work. The family lives on benefits, but Chris is working hard towards a promotion, to head of his floor in the office block he works in.

What events will continue the Digger Family story?

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